WillDoFeedom – Professor Murakami from Japan about the mRNA injections


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Prof. Murakami is professor emeritus at Tokyo University of Science. He specializes in immunomedicine and antibody research and was the first in the world to succeed in the mass production of neutralizing antibodies against the new coronavirus.
He has been speaking out and warning for the dangers of the mRNA injections that are not vaccines but experimental genetic therapy.
April and May 2024 has seen massive protest in Japan against the WHO. The professor is one of the key leaders and voices behind this national movement.
Article on April 13th protest:
“Massive Rallies Break Out in Japan Against WHO’s Pandemic Treaty”
May 31st event website https://anti-who.jp/
He has a warning for people worldwide, in October the next generation of self amplifying and possible self spreading mRNA injections will be offered and implemented in Japan.
He is a founding member and vice president for “United Citizens for Stopping mRNA vaccines”, https://stop-mrna.com/
Japan has suffered like many other countries form declining birthrates, sudden death and excess mortality.
Murakami is convinced this is due to the nature of the injections.