Science Summit-Ivor Cummins- 1 juli 2023


The last presentation in this Science Summit serie is by Ivor Cummins.

Ivor Cummins BE(Chem) CEng MIEI completed a Biochemical Engineering degree in 1990. He has since spent 30 years in corporate technical leadership positions. His career specialty has been leading large worldwide teams in complex problem-solving. Since 2012 Ivor has been intensively researching the root causes of modern chronic disease. He shares his research insights at public speaking engagements around the world, revealing the key nutritional and lifestyle interventions which will deliver excellent health and personal productivity. He has presented at the British Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) and also at the Irish National Institute of Preventive Cardiology (NIPC). Ivor’s 2018 book “Eat Rich, Live Long” (co-authored with Denver Dr. Jeffry Gerber, details the conclusions of their shared research: