Maatschappij, 04-12-2021, Interview met Pia Nielsen uit Denemarken

4-12-2021 | 2 reacties

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  1. Anne Westenbrink

    Thanks a Lot for sharing this Great talk , dear Pia Nielsen & Willem Engel.
    I love to hear both of U so concerned & aware of all thats at stake in this plandemic . Remember this please : It only takes a small portion of the people of a country to really change things for the better for All.
    Look at what U , dear Willem, & all that love their Freedom too much to follow the absurd measurements taken by Governments in this “Great Reset & NWO “- scheme . UMeWeAll in this Great Awakening Movement have already achieved so much , by never giving up & Standing Strong in these Very Challenging Times . Be asuured there are already so many Good Actions Taken behind the scenes ( of the MSM ) I recommend U & all to take a good look at my Blog where I will also share this video with Love & Gratitude to U both & All , Taking Action. See

  2. Piet Zwart

    Willem, ik ben zo ongelooflijk trots op jouw


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